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Fertility problems caused by environmental toxins
How pesticides and herbicides harm our and next generations

Andreas A.Noll, Visiting Professor Chengdu University of TCM

ICETCM- International Conference for Modernization of TCM

21./22.10.2019 Chengdu, China

Fertility of women and men can be affected in various ways by endocrinological and reprotoxic problems, e.g. by:

  • abuse of toxic substances
  • malnutrition
  • immunodeficiency / hypersensitivity
  • environmental toxicants

Toxic load can be caused by side effects of hormonal contraception, other drugs like antibiotics, antidepressants, food or tobacco or by more or less hidden environmental chemicals like Bisphenol A and many other.

Researchers detected polychlorinated biphenylsorganochlorine pesticidesperfluorinated compoundsphenolspolybrominated diphenyl ethersphthalatespolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsperchlorate PBDEs, compounds used as flame retardants, and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), a pesticide banned in the United States in 1972, in the bodies of 99 to 100 % of the pregnant women they tested.  Bisphenol A (BPA) was identified in 96 % of the women surveyed.
BPA is worldwide one of the most used chemicals. Around 3.8 million tons of it are produced worldwide every year. BPA is included in everyday products such as water bottles, cans, thermal paper receipts or food packaging. Since 2011, BPA has been banned in baby bottles throughout the EU.

From the point of view of TCM, kidneys, spleen, lungs and large intestine are involved in this multi-layered, mutually influencing event.

The human organism develops its balance and strength through continuous adaptation to the environment - even before the first breath.

The required opening and closing of the "interfaces" is a function of the lungs and Weiqi. Their limits are maintained by the capacities of Zhengqi, which in turn depends crucially on the essences of the kidney - as well as fertility problems before pregnancy and the growth of a healthy baby in the healthy body of the mother. Qi is formed and constantly supplemented by the assimilating power of the spleen - depending on all forms of Qi, which human being -on material or mental-spiritual level-, has to transform for their own benefit or even to eliminate it. But: the assimilation skills of modern human beings seem to be overwhelmed by environmental toxins and therefore also lead to malfunction.

In this talk I will show the possibilities of TCM to contribute to an adequate system: elimination, empowerment and guidance.

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